Yes, this is the mobile app that lets you collect Cash world wide.

It's out there, all you have to do is get out and collect it.

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SpareCash is a mobile app that uses geo-based markers or Points Of Interest for each user there are approximately 10 to 40 markers within their game play radius.  You collect markers and their cash value when you arrive at the marker destination.  But, there are no maps, no guides.  just your phones compass, gps and the distance indicator in the detail view of each marker.



SpareCash users typically vary in age from 18 to 35years of age are 64% Male and for some reason play SpareCash mostly on Thursdays and Sundays.  With Mondays and Holidays being their second favorite times to play.  SpareCash is great for kids, companies, team building and fully programmable scavenger hunts.  The possibilities are endless.


Everyone asks HOW can we put out free money?  That's like asking how can companies pay for advertising.  We use advertising dollars from in game ads and from sponsors to fill the map with money.  When you collect it, you're also collecting offers from the companies who are sponsoring the cash markers.  In most cases you are collecting money directly at the advertisers location.



SpareCash Experience

This is SpareCash, It's challenging, fun and rewarding.


Green Markers will move every day at midnight. So that $100 marker might be gone tomorrow.



Unless you like sitting in your cave your whole life, SpareCash gets you out experiencing new things.



Because you collect real money which you can withdraw to your paypal account and spend.


Ok, here's how we can help.

Brand Recognition

You want locals to know you? Get them engaged in your offers while offering a fun experience as well as an enticement to visit? These markers will do exactly that.



Increase Sales

These markers pinpoint your location and allow turn by turn directions to your address, Each client we send can only collect one of your offers until you post a different offer.



Increase Retention

Venues with many stores benefit by allowing clients to play different experiences inside one area.  Limiting daily collects keeps clients coming back.


Client Appreciation

The white marker can be dropped by any business member to any single client of their choosing to offer them comps, tickets, discounts or just a thanks for being great.



So you want more footfall?.

Big or Small You can afford SpareCash



10 Green Promotions
1 Blue Promotion

unlimited clients

marker budget not included

Just A Test Really



25 Timed Green Promotions

2 Blue Promotions

Unlimited clients

$240 Marker Budget

i Want Steady New Clients



Special Timed Promotions
Create a Frenzy

unlimited clients

guaranteed results

$1350 Marker Budget

I Want Massive Response

Our Promise

The SpareCash Marketing System is built to guarantee new clients are coming in and trying your services and comng back for more.


We Know How To Get You Clients

A Successful Past...

Our team has over 30 years in creative experience based marketing.  For the 5 years SpareCash has been around we've send thousands of new clients to hundreds of businesses.

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Yes, this is the mobile app that lets you collect Cash world wide.
Yes, this is the mobile app that lets you collect Cash world wide.
Yes, this is the mobile app that lets you collect Cash world wide.
Yes, this is the mobile app that lets you collect Cash world wide.