We Send You Real, Live Customers That is, after all, what you really care about, isn't it?

It's what every business owner dreams of, a successful advertising campaign that brings paying customers to their door, keeps them engaged and has them coming back for more.  Our proprietary system makes it easy for you to obtain new paying customers.  First we display your brand and a welcome message inside our app, which leads our players straight to your business. Second, Once the Casher enters your business location we ask them to put their phone in scan mode to find the tracker image we supplied you.  After the Casher has made a minimum purchase your staff can then inform the casher of the location of the tracker image and allow the casher to scan it for the Cash Back offer attached.  As soon as a Casher collects SpareCash the instance is shared via Facebook to tell all their friends about your business location.

In many cases this causes meet-ups to occur, where friends of the Casher who just came into your business, end up meeting the Casher at your establishment.

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Exclusive Business MembershipWe don't give customers to your competition

SpareCash is a Patent Pending Business Marketing System and the only one of it's kind in the world today.  It's the only system that doesn't charge you per impression or for useless clicks, instead it is designed specifically for large venues in mind.

We receive sign-ups from businesses every day, and every day we have to say no to so many of them, We understand that everyone wants guaranteed customers, and we'd love to send them to everyone.  However, we have extremely high standards to adhere to, both for you, as a venue or shop and for the users of our app.

If you are accepted as a SpareCash Host Venue you'll have access to thousands of local Consumers just waiting to find new and exciting experiences near them. Your entire location will be that new and exciting experience.  By becoming a SpareCash host venue, your business will become part of the most exclusive marketing system ever developed.

Here's what we look for. 

#1 Exclusivity.  No other SpareCash host venue or business member in your category within a 10km radius. We strive to keep the look of our app extremely pleasing to our users, we won't accept 20 dress shops next to one another cluttering up our app.  We also offer exclusivity to all of our members so it's important we check that your location is open for a new host membership.

#2 Originality,  If your venue or business has something special to offer your community, or if you offer a unique shopping experience to your consumers you will be accepted above other applicants in your category.

#3 Who You Know,  If you are referred by a current SpareCash Member or User you will be given priority above other applicants in your area. 

If you believe your establishment is a fit, you can apply online using the signup form. If you are accepted, one of our customer representatives will contact you to help your venue or business start bringing more customers through your door.

Who's Using SpareCashSome Local Businesses Who Love Us Back.

"Since we started using SpareCash our walk-in business has risen significantly. We see the exact results of our campaign in our SpareCash Business profile. In one month we received 34 customers with an ROI of $12 per unique customer. We at Subway highly recommend SpareCash to any business, except our competition. :)" - Ahlal Akbar, Subway Franchise Owner

What Is A Casher?They're the most excellent people on the planet.


There are 173,432 Cashers in North America 
and 71,018 more WorldWide.

  • On average SpareCash players (Cashers) check their app 7 times per day and some check 4 times per hour.
  • Cashers will hunt for green markers all day but mostly on Thursdays! (we haven't figured out why yet)
  • Cashers love adventure, love a challenging hunt and love Cash. but doesn't everyone?
  • Cashers play SpareCash between 4 - 11 hours per week. (that's more than most people watch Television)
  • Cashers are mainly between 18 - 36 years of age
  • Cashers are 71% Male
  • 12% of Cashers "Pay If Forward"
  • 6% "Pay It Forward" to developing countries.
  • 89.8% of Cashers who collect at a business (Blue and Purple Markers) Shop, and BUY Something
  • 38.7% of Cashers who collect at a business, PERSONALLY Tell Their Friends.

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How We Use SpareCashThe old features and Benefits Thing.

Traditional advertising is a game of hit and miss. Why spend massive dollars on advertising when you can drive paying customers directly to your venue. increase your overall customer experience and decrease your customer acquisition cost, all at one time?
Blue Markers Bring Customers Inside Your Store.
Creating a Blue SpareCash Address Marker at your venue tells Cashers that you offer either a cash incentive for visiting or Cash back after a purchase. When you use a SpareCash Blue Marker, Cashers must physically enter your place of business to Scan for a tracker image.  Your Customized Blue SpareCash Marker can be seen from 50 km away. The message you give Cashers can be as descriptive as you like, use a link to your product or video, add a phone number for call ahead reservations or delivery, or just give Cashers a cryptic clue that will get them interested about what they will find behind your doors.  Once at your establishment, Cashers must put their phone in Scan Mode and "Scan Inside" to find where you've hidden the SpareCash tracker image.  The tracker image can be printed on postcard or larger photo paper and placed where you want to engage with your new customer, or it can be added to your digital signage loop to add even more value to your interior promotions.  You pay only for each UNIQUE customer you wish to acquire. You pay nothing for the additional brand recognition or impressions your marker receives.  
Use Green To Promote Your Brand Or Event.
Place green markers anywhere on the map of the world.  Use your Company Name as the Marker Name, Customize your promotional message and even link to your product or video.  Placing your Customized Green Markers near other SpareCash Markers allows them to stand out that much more.  You'll receive thousands of impressions from Cashers per day right in your own back yard. You can even use a tracking link in the message to see how many people clicked your link while they were out playing the game.  
 Purple Markers Attract New Customers, Keep Them Engaged and Bring Them Back!
 Purple_Marker2  Purple3  Purple4

Our most advanced system to date, Multi-retail complexes, Theme-Parks, Casinos, Night Clubs, Convention Centers, Hotels, Cruise Ships you get the picture. With Purple SpareCash Markers you can offer multiple in-store deals at various shops and restaurants within your facility.  SpareCash incentives, and SpareCash Back before, during or after a purchase has been made.  It all depends on your messaging, your promotion and the location of your hidden SpareCash Tracker image.

With the SpareCash Hunt Markers you can create an all-out indoor scavenger hunt to attract new patrons, entertain guests or keep the kids occupied. When you want to offer shoppers multiple areas to receive SpareCash incentives, Allow multiple shops in your venue to offer SpareCash back to their customers.  Purple SpareCash Hunt Markers can do all that and much more. 

You can add a unique clue to each image to direct customers to a specific store, the retailer needs only to hide the tracker image in their store, or hand it our after a sale is made.

  White Markers Are For Tournaments, Gifts and Comps.
Numerous Bars, Nightclubs, Attractions and Event Planners, even Pizza Delivery Businesses are finding tremendous value in using SpareCash Tournaments, Gift's and Comps to promote their businesses and events.  Rather than spending thousands of dollars advertising events, simply post a tournament that revolves around your event or business and watch hundreds of people arrive to Cash In On Adventure. Comps and Gift markers will follow any one of your customers wherever they are and remind them exactly where they received such incredible service, plus give them a Comp or Gift for having a product delivered to them.   

SpareCash can be used at any type of establishment or event. With our Patent Pending SpareCash System you can attract people to nearly anything you're doing. NOTHING in the world motivates people to do something with their time like CASH!

You can also use interior markers (tracker images) in conjunction with your in house digital signage by uploading your tracker image as part of your onscreen advertising campaign.  You then have a captive audience to promote your items to, and a brand new customer that you can market to!

EACH SPARECASH PLAYER CAN ONLY COLLECT YOUR OFFER ONCE, UNTIL YOU MODIFY YOUR CAMPAIGN ONLINE.  Printed tracking images can be displayed digitally or by framing them and displaying them anywhere inside your store.  Try hiding them in your merchandise or menu, to add to the adventure.