Help Me!

Checklist Before You Start...

1. Your android phone is given access to the PlayStore download of SpareCash. Or you're using an Iphone / Ipad 3or higher.

2. You have a mobile data connection.

3. You have GPS with A-GPS and E-GPS set to ON or standard GPS turned on from your Iphone.

4. You have a valid Facebook account that is more than 6 months old, has friends, and a completed profile.

5. You've allowed publishing permissions from SpareCash to Public on your Facebook App permissions

6. You are not logged in or have multiple Facebook user accounts stored in your phones app settings.

7. You are running SpareCash version 1.0.9 (or later) for Android or 1.0.4 (or later) for iOS 

First Things First!

How to Collect SpareCash. Standard Green/Yellow Markers: WATCH THE VIDEO

Tournament and gift markers use the same process as this for collection.

How to Collect Blue In-Store Markers: WATCH THE VIDEO

Purple Indoor Hunt Markers work the same as Blue with the addition of Clues for where each tracker image is placed within the venue. Simply tap the tracker image to reveal a clue as to where to find it.


Simple Solutions To Some Common Problems

1. Phone shows black after you press Collect Cash button.  

Simple, just rotate your phone to landscape or portrait then back again.


2. It says it loaded markers but I don't see any. 

Simple, just flip your phone and shake it once to refresh the marker view.


3. I get an "Error finding email" when I try logging in. 

That one's so easy! check your browser and your Facebook app, logout of Facebook from one of the other.  One account should be used on both the Facebook app and online. *this happens when someone borrows your phone too to check their timeline.


4. My battery died just before I was able to collect the marker!

We have 2 words for you.  "Spare Battery."


5. Someone Else took the marker I was after but It stayed on my screen for like 3 more minutes. 

Yeah, because we only download new markers every 5 minutes, so that we don't use your data plan every second and we aren't redrawing the markers every second either.  


6. The app posted my collect to my Facebook page, but I didn't want to tell anyone about the app! I wanted to keep it my own secret so I could collect lots of cash and no one would find out!

Really? Just no comment on that one.


7. There is a marker where I can't reach it, can you move it towards me?

No, It will move on it's own within 24 hours!


8. The app doesn't open on my phone.

That's impossible, Google tells us there are 0 phones we don't support. If the app doesn't open, turn off a few of the 30 apps you are currently running and try again.  if all else fails, reset your phone then only run our app. it works, we tested it hundreds of times on different phones. 


9. My friends phone shows markers up on hills and down on the street, but all my markers start moving toward my feet as I get closer. 

Your friend has an altitude meter on his phone, and you don't, don't be jealous though, they will soon be standard.


10.  My friend and I want to use one phone with 2 accounts so we can collect more markers and split the money. 

We have 2 words for you both... "Spare Battery."


11. I claimed markers today, but some of the Cash is gone now? What happened to the Cash I claimed?

You broke one of the rules of fair play, listed in the Terms Of Usage Agreement below.


12. I only found $2 today and spent more than 4 hours hunting markers, I drove a billion killometers and I saw a million things but I think I lost money today, I'll never play SpareCash again!

When you get to a SpareCash marker, it could be anything.  $1 $100 even $10,000, we really hope you keep going out on adventures, we believe that's what this is all about.  We called the App SPARECash for a reason, it would have been very deceptive to call it Million Dollar Cash Marker Game Every Time You Go And Collect Them... besides, that was too long of a name.  

13. I keep seeing "Trying to Locate You, and nothing else happens"

Some android phones have this problem every once in a while with GPS, here's what we do to fix it.  Open Settings Panel, Tap Location Services, check that Access To My Location is CHECKED, GPS Satelites is ON and Google's Location Services is CHECKED. now Tap the word GPS Satelites and make sure that both A-GPS and GPS EPO assistance are CHECKED wait about 15 seconds and open SpareCash App again and Tap Collect Cash again.   

14. There are only a few Markers in my area, and some days there are none, how can I get more markers in my area?

Markers show up as more people in your area log in during the same day, and markers increase in value as you refer a business in your account profile. So take note... MORE USERS = MORE MARKERS  +   MORE BUSINESSES = HIGHER VALUES! Super Simple.

15. Do I get anything for referring a business?

Yes, when the bsuiness signs up for a campaign with SpareCash you receive 50 cents for each user collect they obtain, so if they have 50 people go to their business and collect SpareCash or a SpareCash Back Offer then you receive $25